Resultados parciais da Dissertação de mestrado em Gastroenterologia.

Practical aspects for minimizing errors in the cross-cultural adaptation and validation of quality of life questionnaires.

Rev Gastroenterol Mex. 2013 Jul-Sep;78(3):159-76. doi: 10.1016/j.rgmx.2013.01.008. Epub 2013 Aug 7.

Lauffer A1, Solé L, Bernstein S, Lopes MH, Francisconi CF.

The development and validation of questionnaires for evaluating quality of life (QoL) has become an important area of research. However, there is a proliferation of non-validated measuring instruments in the health setting that do not contribute to advances in scientific knowledge.
To present, through the analysis of available validated questionnaires, a checklist of the practical aspects of how to carry out the cross-cultural adaptation of QoL questionnaires (generic, or disease-specific) so that no step is overlooked in the evaluation process, and thus help prevent the elaboration of insufficient or incomplete validations.
We have consulted basic textbooks and Pubmed databases using the following keywords quality of life, questionnaires, and gastroenterology, confined to «validation studies» in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and with no time limit, for the purpose of analyzing the translation and validation of the questionnaires available through the Mapi Institute and PROQOLID websites.
A checklist is presented to aid in the planning and carrying out of the cross-cultural adaptation of QoL questionnaires, in conjunction with a glossary of key terms in the area of knowledge. The acronym DSTAC was used, which refers to each of the 5 stages involved in the recommended procedure. In addition, we provide a table of the QoL instruments that have been validated into Spanish.
This article provides information on how to adapt QoL questionnaires from a cross-cultural perspective, as well as to minimize common errors.
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Calidad de vida; Clinimetrics; Clinimetría; Cuestionarios; Gastroenterology; Gastroenterología; Quality of life; Questionnaires; Transculturalidad; Transculturation; Validación; Validation